Hungry ?

Why do we eat? hunger or pleasure? Both, I guess.
Let’s try to understand when we should eat.
It begins with a light lack of sugar (hypoglycemia), making you feel like you absolutely need to eat : that’s hunger. At this time, if you don’t have any food, you will fantasize about food and desire to eat ; wondering about what kind of food you will choose or cook. Hunger disappears between 30 and 45 minutes if you don’t eat.
According to your last activities (physical, working, school, shopping, sleeping…), to the time since your last meal or to its composition, the strength of hunger could be different. For instance, the day after working-out, you will be really hungry for lunch, as when your last dinner was only french beans and egg. On the other hand, if your last dinner was made of rice or pasta, you will surely be less hungry.
Why do you eat pasta, because it’s fast to cook? Do you eat rice because fish tastes better with it? Do you simply eat carbohydrates because you like them, or just to avoid hunger?
Being hungry is normal each time you’re about to eat. If hunger intensity can vary, so are the food choices. For strong hunger, choose carbohydrates with vegetables, and for light hunger, you’d better eat fish ou meat with veggies.
With regard to pleasure, you’re free to choose any sort of carbs, or the way to cook them, limited by the feeling of hunger instead of the envy to eat.
Of course, you’ll have to adapt portions (will be the topic of a next post), and you’ll have to stop eating at the right time!
Bon Appetit!
Thanks Goldie Katsu for your corrections !

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